AI-DO 3 Summary

In case you missed it AI-DO 3 has come and gone. Interested in reliving the competition? Here’s the video.

We had a great time at NeurIPS hosting the Third Edition of the AI Driving Olympics. As usual the sound of Duckies attracted an engaging and supportive crowd.

Racing League - AWS DeepRacer

The competition began with the Racing Event, hosted by AWS DeepRacer. They ran their top 10 submissions and selected the winner by who could complete the fastest lap.

Racing Event Winner
Ayrat Baykov at 8:08 seconds

Advanced Perception League - nuScenes by aptiv

The winners of the Advanced Perception Event hosted by APTIV and the nuScenes dataset were announced. Luckily a member of the winning team was present to accept the award.

Rank 3
CenterTrack – Open and Vision

Rank 2

Rank 1

Urban Driving League - Duckietown

The competition culminated with Duckietown’s Urban Driving Event, where the top submissions for each of the three challenges were run on the competition tracks.


Lane Following 
JBRRussia1: Konstantin Chaika, Nikita Sazanovich, Kirill Krinkin, Max Kuzmin

Lane Following with Vehicles

Lane Following with Vehicles and Intersections

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for participating in the competition. We look forward to seeing you for AI-DO 4!

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