AI-DO 6: NeurIPS 2021

The AI Driving Olympics 2021 are possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of:
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Andrea Censi, Jacopo Tani, Emilio Frazzoli (ETH Zurich), Liam Paull (University of Montreal), Holger Caesar (Motional), Matthew R. Walter, Andrea F. Daniele (TTIC), Sahika Genc (Amazon), Sharada Mohanty (AICrowd), Abhinav Valada (University of Freiburg).

Welcome to the 2021 AI Driving Olympics!

UPDATE! Check the final event schedule here

AI-DO Overview

The AI Driving Olympics (AI-DO) is a series of embodied intelligence competitions in the field of autonomous vehicles. The objective of AI-DO is to provide accessible mechanisms for benchmarking progress in autonomy applied to the task of autonomous driving.

Read more about the AI-DO objectives here.

AI-DO 2021

AI-DO 2021 final event will take place at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference (NeurIPS 2021) edition and encompass three leagues: urban driving, advanced perception, and racing.  

The Leagues

Leagues each present several tasks to solve (“challenges”) and run with independent platforms and logistics. Read on to know more!

Urban Driving with Duckietown

In this league, you will submit robotic agents using the Duckietown platform for solving precision autonomous driving tasks in simulation and on real Duckiebots: lane following, lane following with other vehicles, lane following with intersections, and lane following with vehicle and intersections. 

Advanced Perception with nuScenes

In this league you will use the nuScenes dataset, to tackle three perception challenges related to real-world autonomous vehicles: object detection, panoptic lidar segmentation and panoptic lidar tracking.

Racing with AWS Deepracer

In this league, you will use the AWS Deepracer platform to train a reinforcement learning agent (i.e., an autonomous car) to drive by interacting with its environment and a simulated track, to complete a lap as fast as possible without going off-track while avoiding crashing into the objects on the track.

The Final Event

Winners for all leagues will be announced during the competition track of NeurIPS on Friday, Dec. 10th, 2021.

Note: the event can be accessed live by registering at the NeurIPS conference


The AI Driving Olympics 2021 will have two phases:

Happy competition!